Vaccum Packaging Maunfacturer

As the need for food storage increases worldwide, the hygienic packaging & food storage industry is seeing a massive demand. Vacuum packaging is one of the most popular methods of packing and storing foods such as cereals, nuts, cured meats, cheese, smoked fish, coffee, and many other products potato chips, that are required to be preserved for a relatively long time.

Vacuum packaging is an upgrade over flexible packaging. It increases the shelf life of food products by storing them in an air-tight environment that is without oxygen. The absence of oxygen ensures that no microorganisms survive to decompose the food item. Not only that, but the lack of oxygen also reduces the amount of spoilage due to oxidation - something that causes apples and bananas to turn brown. DOT Packtech is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum pouches & Spices Packing pouches. Our pouches are used in packaging food items such as fresh fruits, dry fruits, meat, and non-edible products.