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  • Flexible Packaging Material
  • PE Cast Films
Flexible Packaging Material

Flexible Packaging Material

Flexible Packaging is touted for its ability to be customized based on the specifics of the product being packaged. It gives you the freedom to customize your packaging according to your unique requirements and market objectives giving it a real competitive advantage. It is lightweight, easy to open, carry, store, and re-seal. It extends the shelf life of many products and has a positive sustainability profile. As an added advantage, flexible packaging requires less energy to manufacture and transport and generates smaller quantities of greenhouse gases on its way to market.

PE Cast Films

PE Cast Films

Our PE Cast Films are carefully curated & meticulously designed with materials offering the most comfort. Their acquisition and distribution properties are best in performance. Due to their composition, our films have a very low rewet and a less glossy look. The penetration is also pretty quick due to its perforation and modified surface properties. Our PE Cast Films find their application mainly as the top sheets for sanitary pads and as ADLs in adult and baby diapers.

Best-in-class Flexible Packaging Materials and PE Cast Film

Whether you’re updating your current packaging or launching a new brand, we have an outstanding range of custom-printed packaging pouches. Our packaging solutions find use in a wide variety of industries including frozen foods, tea & coffee, snacks, candy, spices, meats, automotive, electrical, home & garden care, health & beauty-aid industries, and many more applications. Our PE cast films are used in hygiene products, majorly including baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins, underpads, and other healthcare products. Our films are also frequently used as coating substrates in extrusion-coating processes. We follow the best-possible processes and all environmental norms to ensure top-quality, eco-friendly products.

Dot Packtech Industries – Manufacturer Unit
Dot Packtech Industries – Manufacturer Unit

World-class Infrastructure to
Deliver Quality
Printed Packaging Pouch Materials

Dot Packtech has a manufacturing facility in Aurangabad that spans across an area of 30,000 sq.ft. Keeping hygiene at the core of all our processes, our facility is designed to keep out dust particles as minute as 10 microns. Our manufacturing unit produces Hygiene Films, cast PE Non-Breathable films, PE Vacuum Perforated film, etc. Being one of the market leaders in flexible packaging, we have the perfect assemblage of machineries to produce premium quality products in a cost-effective way. We have an on-site quality control lab to ensure top-notch quality of all our packaging pouch products. With our state-of-art machinery and equipment, we can effectively and efficiently cater to all our customer requirements.

  • Rotogravure Printing Machine
  • Bag Making Machine – with a capacity of over <strong>4 crore</strong> bags per month
  • PE Vaccum Perforated Cast film extrusion machine
  • Cylinder Storage
  • Bag Making Machine
  • Bag Making Machine
  • Cast Extrusion Machine
  • Lamination Machine
  • Gusetting Machine
  • 3 Layer Blown film Machine
  • Cast Extrusion Machine
  • Full-fledged Quality control lab setup


DOT Packtech provides high-grade spices packing pouches well suited for the packaging of all kinds of spices & masalas, seasoning & herbs. Spices like pepper, cardamom, turmeric, ginger, chillies, cumin, and coriander are predominantly exported from India. These spices are highly sensitive and even the slightest amount of exposure to moisture or air can cause them to go bad. That is where our packaging materials come into picture.

Apart from the food packaging industry, our packaging products find application in a lot of verticals such as:

Our packaging is available in various sizes, designs, and capacities, while also being flexible and heat resistant. Utmost hygiene is maintained while manufacturing the packaging material. For more Information, contact us!

  • Automotive


  • Electronics and Electrical

    Electronics and Electrical

  • Hygiene


  • Healthcare


  • Food


  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Pet Products

    Pet Products

  • Ecommerce


  • Hardware


  • Clothing


  • Agro


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