Spout Pouch manufacturer

Carrying your favorite ketchup to the trip or your preferred chutney to the office without the fear of spilling or spoiling is no more a hassle - thanks to spout pouches! Spout Pouches are prevalently used as packaging materials across industries for liquid & semi-liquid products owing to their ease of dispensing. They are designed to prevent leakage and are puncture-resistant.

Dot Packtech is one of the leading manufacturers known for sturdy and lightweight spout pouches and stand up pouches. When compared to other conventional methods of liquid / Semi-liquid packaging, our Spout pouches are more portable and less fragile. Spout pouches are available in a number of shapes and sizes with aesthetics that very few packaging materials can offer.


  • Designed to facilitate easy pouring action
  • Leakage proof and rupture resistant
  • Print can be customized
  • Available in multiple sizes, color, and texture options as per customer requirements
  • Perfect for liquid products