• Flexible Packaging Material

    Flexible Packaging is touted for its ability to be customized based on the specifics of the product being packaged. It gives you the freedom to customize your packaging according to your unique requirements and market objectives giving it a real competitive advantage. It is lightweight, easy to open, carry, store, and re-seal. It extends the shelf life of many products and has a positive sustainability profile. As an added advantage, flexible packaging requires less energy to manufacture and transport and generates smaller quantities of greenhouse gases on its way to market.

  • PE Cast Films

    Our PE Cast Films are carefully curated & meticulously designed with materials offering the most comfort. Their acquisition and distribution properties are best in performance. Due to their composition, our films have a very low rewet and a less glossy look. The penetration is also pretty quick due to its perforation and modified surface properties. Our PE Cast Films find their application mainly as the top sheets for sanitary pads and as ADLs in adult and baby diapers.

  • Printed and Laminated Rolls

    If you are looking for all these and more for packaging your product, Dot Packtech is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Printed and Laminated rolls. We manufacture Multilayer films in various sizes, colors, and structures depending upon the customer’s required specification for barrier properties and shelf life of their product. Our printed laminated rolls are durable and leak-proof making them appropriate for holding Solids and fluids of all sorts. Our rolls are made with different film combinations and are Printed using the ‘rotogravure printing process’ that enhances the quality and the appearance of the final product.

  • Printed and Laminated Pouches

    Dot Packtech is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Printed Laminated Pouches. We offer printed laminated pouches in various colors and sizes that meet the packaging demands for a range of products. Our superior manufacturing practices ensure utmost sealing safety and high holding capacity of filled pouches. Our pouches find applications in personal care products as well as products in powder form. These pouches are made with easy-to-tear material that also reproduces printing very well, making them a popular choice for a host of FMCG products who want to prominently display their branding.

  • Stand-Up Pouches With Zipper

    At Dot Packtech, we offer a wide variety of products including Poly Bags, Retort Pouches, stand-up pouches with zippers, Printed Pouches, Laminated Pouches and many more. We firmly believe that quality is paramount when it comes to the products we make. Our stand-up pouches with zippers offer excellent multi-layer protection and are the perfect choice for the packaging of liquid as well as solid products such as tea, herbs, cereals, coffee, seasoning, cookies, nut fruits, pickles, and candies. Another advantage the pouch offers is that it is reusable due to durable tear notches. It can also be placed on any flat surface without support because of our ever-efficient stand-up design.

  • Compostable / Biodegradable packaging

    Dot Packtech’s compostable packaging retains the properties of conventional plastic viz. durability, barrier protection, enhanced shelf life, and others except that unlike plastic, it is also fully compostable. We offer certified food-grade packaging for fresh produce, dry food, baked goods, chilled products, and frozen food. Our compostable packaging accommodates a diverse range of applications providing brands the versatility to choose their film or laminate in the application that fits their product.

  • Retort Pouch

    Dot Packtech is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Retort Pouches. We manufacture a wide range of products including retort stand-up pouch, ready-to-eat pouch, printed pouch, microwavable pouch, heat & eat pouch, and moisture barrier pouch. We cater to ready-to-eat food manufacturers and produce plain as well as multi-color printed 4 Layer aluminum foil-based pouches and 3-layer transparent microwave-friendly pouches regularly. From shaped pouches, pouches with tear notches, window pouches,spout pouches, or microwaveable pouches, Dot Packtech can provide you with a retort pouch that is a perfect fit for your product.

  • Aluminum Foil Pouches

    When it comes to locking the heat and freshness inside, aluminum is the best material. No wonder, you will find your snacks usually wrapped in aluminum foil to keep them fresh and hot for a longer duration. Aluminum is a material that is abundantly available in the Earth’s crust and can be reshaped and recycled again and again. Dot Packtech manufactures 3 side sealed pouch, Pillow pouch, stand-up Aluminum Foil Pouches that stand on their own with the help of a bottom gusset and exhibit reseal ability if a zipper option is incorporated into it. Our aluminum foil pouches are used for packaging in various commercial markets such as food, beverages , cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, etc.

  • Spout Pouch

    Carrying your favorite ketchup to the trip or your preferred chutney to the office without the fear of spilling or spoiling is no more a hassle – thanks to spout pouches! Spout Pouches are prevalently used as packaging materials across industries for liquid & semi-liquid products owing to their ease of dispensing. They are designed to prevent leakage and are puncture-resistant.
    Dot Packtech is one of the leading manufacturers known for sturdy and lightweight spout pouches and stand up pouches. When compared to other conventional methods of liquid / Semi-liquid packaging, our Spout pouches are more portable and less fragile. Our Spout pouches are available in a number of shapes and sizes with aesthetics that very few packaging materials can offer.

  • Vacuum Packaging

    Vacuum packaging is an upgrade over flexible packaging. It increases the shelf life of food products by storing them in an air-tight environment that is without oxygen. The absence of oxygen ensures that no microorganisms survive to decompose the food item. Not only that, but the lack of oxygen also reduces the amount of spoilage due to oxidation – something that causes apples and bananas to turn brown. DOT Packtech is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum pouches & Spices Packing pouches. Our pouches are used in packaging food items such as fresh fruits, dry fruits, meat, and non-edible products.