Retort Pouches Manufacturer

The existence of Retort pouches goes back as early as the 1960s when the military preferred them for their lightweight and their ability to consume less space as compared to canned goods. Besides being lighter than cans, retort pouches are flexible and can handle a lot of abuse without damaging the product inside. The very demanding package of retort pouches consists of a three-layer laminate that can be processed like a can, has a stable shelf-life, and allows the convenience of frozen boil-in-the-bag products. Foods such as ready to eat food, frozen foods, chili, ham, chicken breasts, and tuna fish are the ideal choice for retort pouches.
Dot Packtech is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Retort Pouches. We manufacture a wide range of products including retort stand-up pouch, ready-to-eat pouch, printed pouch, microwavable pouch, heat & eat pouch, and moisture barrier pouch. We cater to ready-to-eat food manufacturers and produce plain as well as multi-color printed 4 Layer aluminum foil-based pouches and 3-layer transparent microwave-friendly pouches regularly. From shaped pouches, pouches with tear notches, window pouches,spout pouches, or microwaveable pouches, Dot Packtech can provide you with a retort pouch that is a perfect fit for your product. Our retort pouches are available in various shapes, colors & designs and can be customized as per the client’s specific requirements.


  • Available in unprinted/printed variants
  • Resistant to puncture and leakage
  • High barrier packaging
  • Available in the pillow and stand-up formats and various customizable shapes
  • Can have a spout or tear notch for convenient opening