compostable and biodegradable packaging

Consumers these days are becoming increasingly aware of global warming. They want the products they buy to reflect their values as well. Hence, they are more likely to purchase brands that follow eco-friendly practices such as packaging using biodegradable bags. Biodegradable packaging is not only preferred by the customers but also serves many benefits for the sellers. They are free of allergens and toxins, they require fewer resources to be manufactured, the production cost is low, and the disposal is easy.
Dot Packtech’s compostable packaging retains the properties of conventional plastic viz. durability, barrier protection, enhanced shelf life, and others except that unlike plastic, it is also fully compostable. We offer certified food-grade packaging for fresh produce, dry food, baked goods, chilled products, and frozen food. Our compostable packaging accommodates a diverse range of applications providing brands the versatility to choose their film or laminate in the application that fits their product. Our materials provide a ‘Plug & Play’ solution by being compatible with existing plastic processing and packaging lines with just minor adjustments. All our packaging products are certified home or industrial compostable. We strive toward compostable packaging made of fully renewable sources.