Aluminium Foil Pouches Manufacturer - Dot Packtech Industries

When it comes to locking the heat and freshness inside, aluminum is the best material. No wonder, you will find your snacks usually wrapped in aluminum foil to keep them fresh and hot for a longer duration. Aluminum is a material that is abundantly available in the Earth’s crust and can be reshaped and recycled again and again.

Dot Packtech manufactures 3 side sealed pouch, Pillow pouch, stand-up Aluminum Foil Pouches that stand on their own with the help of a bottom gusset and exhibit reseal ability if a zipper option is incorporated into it. Our aluminum foil pouches are used for packaging in various commercial markets such as food, beverages , cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, etc. We provide unlimited choices of color, design & size with customized printing. We offer pouches in the varieties of Zipper / Notch / Handle / Spout pouches / D- Cut / Euro Punch as per customer requirements.