Flexible Packaging Material

Spices are the heart and soul of kitchens. Adding colour and fragrance, they play a significant role in making your dishes delicious that perk up tastebuds. As spices are integral parts of our kitchens, retaining its authentic flavours through proper storage is a must.

Spices come with a shelf life. Hence, to preserve their moisture, freshness and flavour choosing the right packaging is paramount. Spices packing pouch, plastic jars, metal jars etc are some of the options available. Remember, choosing right packaging will not only help you preserve the spices’ flavour but also their colour and aroma, both of which are vital in making preparing a sensorially attractive dish.

What Do You Expect From A Good Spice Packaging?

When exploring different packaging options, don’t forget to factor in the following aspects:
  • Airtight packs are excellent for spices as they prevent exposure to moisture that can make them soggy and even ruin their nutrients and flavour. (However, spices can also lose flavour & aroma if dried out too much. To avoid this, spice containers should be such that it offers a protective barrier against both oxidation & humidity.)
  • Spice packaging should be primed to avoid spillage or waste of spices. For instance, a resealable packaging pouch allows users to use the spice when needed and then close the package securely with no likelihood of spillage or spoilage.
  • At last but not the least, the spice packs should be easy to access and handle with ample space for storage. Bulky containers with fussy lids can spoil your cooking experience.

Pouches -The Best Contenders for Spice Packaging

A premium quality spice or masala packing pouch addresses all the concerns related to the safe and hygienic packaging of spices. This includes maintaining flavour, colour, & aroma and user-friendly features that appeal to customers.

Talking of spice pouches, we can’t miss out on stand-up pouches that are showing up on the shelves of multiple stores and supermarkets. A highly popular spice packaging option, the packs are gaining the limelight owing to their useful features like lightweight, easy to store, and minimal risks of spillage or wastage.

The users can easily fold over the packs while making their way through the product. This flexibility does not interfere with their ability to stand erect and continues to store your product safely within.

Customization Adds To The Value

There is ample scope for customization. You can get your packaging according to your unique requirements and market objectives.

Whether you want the convenience of a zip-lock feature for maintaining the freshness of your product, or transparent packs to allow your customer to have a look at the product inside, you can have it all.

Additionally, with the option of printed pouches, you get the benefit of attracting your customers and maintaining brand consistency. For instance, you can choose bright colours for your packs that complement your brand logo. You can also convey important information like expiry dates and other interesting tips to woo customers. Note that eye-catching printed graphics when done on packaging in bulk are easier and more economical.

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