Flexible Packaging Material

When it comes to impressing and influencing customers, significance of the right kind of packaging can hardly be overlooked. Often the consumer’s first introduction to the product, packaging today holds more relevance than merely a protective covering. It is a branding tool that helps establish and amplify one’s brand identity.

According to the findings of Ipsos, a leading market research company, seven in ten consumers agree that packaging design does influence their purchasing decisions. This includes various aspects of packaging such as material, colour, shape, weight, portability, reusability, and more. For instance, many prefer paper packs or cardboard boxes as these appear to be more attractive and creative to the consumers, and are eco-friendly too.

Be it frozen food packagingzipped snack pouches, or beverage containers, top-grade packaging has the potential to improve your brand’s visual appeal and grasp customer attention. This is the reason why the food industry today is stressing more on right packaging than ever before.

How Right Food Packaging Can Help Boost Sales:

  1. 1. Helps Maintain Brand Consistency

From the classic red & white script font of Coca-Cola to the iconic white & yellow wrapper with chubby girl imprinted on Parle G biscuit packs, packaging has been important in establishing brand consistency and creating connection to the brand’s key values.

A 2019 study showed that consistent brand presentation increased revenue by 33%. When you keep your branding consistent across your packaging, website, and social media, you tend to fair better in the market. Even the market veterans reinforce the belief that a strong and consistent visual identity helps consumers recognise your brand across product offerings and channels, allowing them to associate your brand with the qualities you want to convey.

  1. 2. Ensures Customer Convenience

Providing convenience to customers can be impactful in escalating your sales volume. Packaging that’s easy to handle always enjoys an upper hand. Right size, easy opening & dispensing, resealability, etc., are some of the packaging aspects that you need to factor in.

Know what your customers prefer and accordingly optimise the packaging pouch range to meet their needs. Do they use a zip lock function to open and reseal or do they prefer the one-time use of a carton to pour out the contents? Whatever packaging type you offer, make sure to inform your customer how to deal with it correctly. If unsure about relevant packaging for your product, consult a packaging expert such as Dot Packtech to choose the right kind.

  1. 3. Acts as a Medium to Dispense Information

Packaging can serve as the medium to transmit information, induce emotions, and propel action. Use it to give instructions, show ingredients, offer recipe tips, and more.

The information should be the culmination of clear and crisp text and suitable visuals that are easy to grasp. For instance, a biryani masala packaging pouch with instructions on how to use the ingredients helps even amateur cooks to get it right. This helps develop a connection with the customers, which in turn, earns their confidence.

  1. 4. Allows for the Right Product Positioning

How you position your product against your competitors can make a difference to your sales revenue. Work upon the point of difference/USP and communicate it. Is your product more environment-friendly? Is it cheaper than your competitor’s? Is it organic?

Whatever your USP is, you must communicate it properly. Use your packaging material to highlight the key differentiators that separate you from others. However, don’t go overboard with it. Be genuine and maintain relevancy to the product.

If you want to stand out in the market, choose the right packaging material that gives your brand enough scope to make a mark. Dot Packtech Industries is the brand you can trust for your packaging needs. The company offers top-notch customised packaging solutions that ensure your products can be marketed and distributed without any alteration or damage.

Whether you’re seeking side-sealed or bottom-sealed snack-packaging options or zipper pouches for eatables, Dot Packtech is your one-stop destination. Tie up with this reliable brand to ensure your products are packed in materials with longer shelf life, better protection, convenience, and excellent printing capabilities to reflect your brand image.

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