Flexible plastic packaging bends, twists, and meets all your packaging needs.

Flexible Packaging Material

Flexible packaging is not just a great way to package your products, but a cost-effective way to be manufactured too. It requires fewer raw materials, thus becoming an economical option.

You can frequently find these versatile packaging bags at the store, in the pantry, at work, and just about anywhere. They are composed of many thin layers, each of which provides a solution to your packaging challenges. The sealant layer holds the packaging together while the structural layer keeps the product safe. One layer keeps the aroma intact while yet another maintains the temperature.

Flexible packaging materials involves the use of non-rigid materials, which allow for more cost-efficient and customisable options. It is a relatively new method in the packaging market and has grown popular due to its high efficiency and budget-friendly nature. The most external layer is best for printing information and branding.

Let’s explore some of the advantages of flexible packaging: 

  • Protects the product
  • The most obvious benefit of flexible packaging products is that it protects your product by keeping it from being exposed to external atmospheric conditions and maintaining its quality. This is especially important for food packaging where even the slightest contact with external factors can prove to be damaging. Not only that, flexible packaging provides a protective layer against physical damage that can occur during transportation, handling, and storage too.

  • Reduces wastage
  • Good quality packaging increases the shelf life of the product. This gives the product enough time until it is consumed. This reduces the spoil rate and thereby wastage. When considered on a global scale, this has a significantly positive impact on waste management.

  • Provides attractive packaging and branding
  • Outstanding packaging is what it takes to make your product stand out. Unlike traditional packaging, flexible packaging provides tremendous scope for printing and branding. There are a lot of attractive designs that can be printed on them. You can add a personality to your product through flexible packaging. If your product is wrapped in eye-catching packaging, it is sure to be picked off the shelf sooner rather than later.

  • Saves cost

Flexible packaging is a relatively inexpensive option of packaging as it requires fewer materials to manufacture. Plus, it is usually lighter in weight (almost up to 70% lighter) as compared to conventional packaging. Being compact and lightweight, it also requires fewer trucks for shipping and uses less energy to transport. What makes flexible packaging even more cost-effective is that it also ensures a higher product-to-package ratio, lowering manufacturing costs.

DOT Packtech Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging materials and PE cast films, specializing in the hygiene and healthcare industry. Our flexible packaging materials cater to industries such as automotive, electronics, electrical, food, pharmaceuticals, pet products, e-commerce, hardware, clothing, agriculture, and many others. We follow industry best practices and adhere to the highest possible environmental norms to deliver top quality, defect-free, and eco-friendly products.
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