What is Flexible Pouch Packaging?

flexible pouches

Pouch packaging is a flexible form of packaging made of several layers, such as a barrier film, foil, and in many cases, added fitments such as spout & cap that assist in pouring liquid products. Keeping the needs of the FMCG sector in mind, pouches are designed with the flexibility of sizing options to fit any product.

Packaging pouches come in a variety of forms and styles. The external layer is such that it can be printed with high-impact graphics or can have attached labels for branding purposes. The combination of several tightly placed internal layers increases the shelf-life of food products, keeps them free of bacteria, and even maintains the temperature. Examples include gusseted pouches (side gusset and bottom gusset), three-side seal pouches, pillow pouches, and so on. Here, at DOT Packtech, one of the leading flexible pouch manufacturers in Pune, we often get requirements for different types of pouches depending on specific needs. In this article, we will explore the different types of flexible pouches we offer and help you find the right solution for your needs.

1. Stand Up Pouch (and those with zippers)
As the name suggests, stand-up pouches have a broad base, which enables them to stay erect when placed on an even surface. You may have seen such pouches at grocery stores in the form of ketchup, pickles, dry fruits, beverages, etc. Variations can be added to the top of the pouch where you can either seal the top or add a zipper to it, depending on the purpose.

2. Gusseted Pouches
These pouches have an extra layer called Gusset in order to increase their size and strength. When attached to the side, they are called side gussets and when attached to the bottom, they become bottom gussets. Gusset pouches can again have various types such as :

  • Window-patched Gusset Pouch
  • Besides the entire opaque packaging , there is a small transparent polymer window for viewing the product in this kind of pouches. Window-patched pouches are commonly used in food packaging so that customers can check the content before buying.

  • Spouted Bottom Gusset Pouch
  • This type of pouch has a spouted bottom gusset that helps the package stay in a vertical position on store shelves. Found in resealable options with a lid, it helps to pour out liquids neatly.

  • Standup pouch with zipper
  • Zip lock bottom gusset pouches are the same as the spouted pouches, except with an additional zip lock that allows it to be resealed even after the packaging is opened. The resealable spout provides for a long shelf life and easy storage even after the pouch has been opened. Used for packaging semi-liquid products such as ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise, liquid soaps, or glass-cleaning solutions. 

  • Bottom-side Gusset Pouch
  • These have an extra film sealed to the side or the bottom of the pouch that allows it to expand when it is filled, thereby providing more storage capacity than a flat pouch. The gusset shares the same material as the pouch and is heat-sealed on the sides and the bottom. Once inflated, the pouch can stand on its own.

    How to Choose the Right Manufacturer for Flexible Pouch Packaging

    When choosing a stand-up pouch, or any pouch for that matter, you need to ensure that it is manufactured by a trusted flexible packaging manufacturer. DOT Packtech Industries is one of the leading manufacturers offering flexible packaging solutions and PE cast film. We specialize in healthcare & hygiene industry. We have a broad range of packaging and hygiene materials & systems, specifically suited to your needs with brilliant printing quality. We also have a variety of bags, pouches, and films. Contact us today!
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